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Co Founder & Managing Partner
Concrete Real Estate – Spain

Pol has been since 2013 in the Spanish Real Estate Market. He built his own company in 2015 at age 25, and by 2017 he invested successfully in turnaround residential properties. Being native to Barcelona, this gave him a unique and powerful insight into the local real estate market and what this city has to offer.

At a young age, in 2007, he left to Naples Florida to finish his studies and play professional tennis.

Throughout his career he gained significant experience, technical knowledge and built a powerful network allowing him to  strengthen his capacity to create business opportunities especially in complex real estate transactions. His excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills clearly stand out and help develop solid relationships.

Pol is passionate and persistent when it comes to what he proposes to his clients, provides out-of-the-box strategic marketing and transaction management services. His business is built on ethics, dedication, communication and trust while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all clients needs.

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