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Real Estate Investment




Knowledge & communication

We support our clients in elaborating their investment strategies in defining their investment key parameters, while enriching their knowledge with market insights from specialized asset managers and independent experts.


Optimal solutions 

In partnership with leading local advisors, we tailor solutions that fit our clients’ investment goals, target returns and risk tolerance. Our aim is to identify and execute the optimal structures to eliminate complications, minimize risks, optimize the tax impact, and facilitate next generation planning. We place a particular focus on the crucial role of  structuring, and diligently ensuring alignment with our clients’ long-term investment objectives.


Local & specialized expertise 

Our strategic recommendations to clients are powered by insightful market intelligence and partnerships with key asset management partners selected for their solid track-record in their specific geographical markets. Leveraging our partners’ knowhow and insight on local market trends, opportunities and inherent risks are identified at early stages.

our strategies



Value-add & Opportunistic strategies.

Over the past decade, core real estate has been a reliable choice for investment advisors, offering steady income and capital returns. However, this landscape is changing rapidly. Property prices are on the rise, and competition for returns is intensifying. Traditional buy-and-hold strategies may no longer deliver expected results.


The global economic outlook has shifted dramatically. Along with the surge in inflation and swift rise in rates has come financial market volatility. This has re-focused investors on the security of real estate, a low correlation investment with the financial markets, lower overall volatility and support a higher rate of return. Our goal is to help investors adapt to these changes and make the most of their real estate investments in this evolving market.


Our approach is simple yet effective:


  • We identify promising opportunities and actively manage investments to enhance their value.

  • We take on a balanced approach where investors participate in near-term economic expansion & higher returns

  • We emphasize defensive characteristics in the event of a downturn by focusing in lower volatility property sectors

  • We Invest in quality assets in desired locations while reducing risk by moderate use of leverage



As these beta-driven returns moderate, we see more compelling benefits in value-add & Opportunistic strategies.



Concrete Investments has been successful in being mandated various private construction projects. We represent owners interest and provide oversight over the entire project utilising effective management techniques. Our strength and experience  leads us to deliver a turnkey service by conducting and streamlining all involved parties to hand over the project on time, while emphasising on cost, quality, safety, scope and function.

Concrete Investments covers all project delivery methods from acquiring the land, securing a personalised planning permission, interacting wit local authorities, working with architects and engineers on the design and sustainability of the project, and overseeing the general contractor on the day-to-day operation.

Residency programs




Following the 2013 Spanish investor residency program, Concrete Investment’s subsidiary company, YKSIS was positioned to capture the real estate opportunities in Spain and was among the first to have issued residency permits to international families. Unrivalled with its turnkey approach and solutions offering, we provide our clients a holistic solution, simplifying the property acquisition process and expediting the residency application.

We source opportunities that provide an optimum solution for our clients. We cover various subsectors with an emphasis on residential real estate for existing assets or development projects. By focusing on location and value, we ensure that our clients properties offer an edge with a competitive advantage for the long term.

Our full-fledged services include notarial and legal representation, property transfer and ownership registration, ongoing rental services and property management, tax advisor and annual property tax, bank account opening, company formation and automatic residency program renewals.

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