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Legal Counsel

Noel combines extensive legal and corporate management experience giving our clients the advantage of an attorney capable of understanding more than just the legal implications of a transaction. Noel understands the real estate world challenges and pragmatic decisions facing today’s business. Noel’s clients value his ability to find common ground in negotiations and achieve a desirable and swift outcome. He has built over 10 years of experience and has set up his own legal practice in 2019, focusing on Real Estate, Town Planning and Contract law. 


Noel acts as the external legal counsel for Concrete Investments’ Spanish subsidiary and brings extensive legal insight to our team and to our clients. His transactional real estate experience encompasses commercial and multi-family income real estate projects ranging from industrial, office, shopping centers to residential buildings.  


Noel is a hard-worker and detail-oriented person. He can make a real difference when foreseeing risks and other undesired situations that could compromise the investments.  


He holds a Law Degree and a Master’s Law Degree in Real Estate Registration Law and Contracts.  

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