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Business Manager – Spain

Liliana is a multidisciplinary professional, with more than 25 years of experience in project management and business development in various areas of service, industry and consulting.

With an initial background in Science and research, Liliana worked in different international companies across Latin America and Europe. As a cross cultural professional, she possesses the expertise to communicate effectively in today’s globalized relationships and get the interested parties to work together in achieving mutual goals. Her strategic philosophy, attention to detail and functional management allows for the attainment of the projects’ requirement.

In 2014 she joined YKSIS SL in Barcelona as country manager, in order to offer Yksis and Concrete clients the best local service with a global focus.

Liliana has BSC in Biochemistry from UCC In Argentina, MSc in Science from UAB in Spain and a MBA from La Salle Bcn & Manhattan College NY . She nowadays combines her professional activity at Yksis with her vocational coaching services and Lecturing HHRR at UPF in Barcelona, Spain.

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